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Ready to start freelancing as an engineer?

Shingle is an online platform designed to assist engineers in developing their personal brand in engineering and cultivating client relationships for freelancing opportunities.

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Hang out your shingle?

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Never heard the phrase?  Don't worry, you are not alone.

To "hang out your shingle" is a colloquial phrase that refers to going out on your own and opening an office or a business - typically in professional occupations. 


It dates back to the 1800s when people would literally take a shingle off their house and use it as a signboard for their new business.

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Begin your freelancing journey

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Why entertain the idea of freelancing?

For many, the answer is quite simple: to enjoy the freedom that comes from your own choice of work. 

Another good reason to consider freelancing:  the growth of the market (and opportunities).

By many estimates, the number of freelancers is growing at 4%+ per year and is estimated to grow close to 28% from its current level by 2028.  Currently, there are about 70 million freelancers in the United States alone.

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What is Shingle?

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Shingle can be a space to allow engineers to create a comprehensive online presence for use in freelancing.  But it is not just for freelancers.


Think of it like a digital engineering portfolio that can be shared with potential clients or kept to yourself.


As an engineer progresses in their career, they gain more experience and skills.  Oftentimes much of that detailed information gets lost during changes in employment.  Shingle was created to help engineers keep tabs on this information independent from a particular employer and keep it all in one space.  

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