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Key Features

The manual effort of capturing meeting details often leads to missed information. In the business world, a missed detail can delay projects and escalate costs.

Auto Minutes guarantees precision, speed, and clarity, ensuring every meeting drives value.

Edit and Share

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Easily tailor your meeting notes to perfection and seamlessly share them with team members. Enhance collaboration and keep everyone on the same page with this user-friendly feature.

Rapid Delivery

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Experience almost instantaneous minute delivery post-meeting. Dive straight into reviewing, acting upon, or distributing key insights without any wait time.

Comprehensive Capture

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Never miss a detail with Auto Minutes' thorough documentation capability. Every critical point, decision, and nuance is captured, ensuring no information is overlooked.

Automatic Minute Generation

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Leverage advanced AI technology to auto-generate precise, structured minutes. Say goodbye to manual note-taking and embrace efficiency with this transformative feature.


Easily generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports with just one click

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Begin your video or audio meeting on the Auto Minutes platform.


Discuss your agenda items

As discussions unfold, our advanced AI captures and processes every detail.


Receive minutes in...minutes

Once concluded, receive impeccably organized minutes, ready for distribution.

How it works

You might be wondering how Auto Minutes can elevate your meeting experiences.

Let us guide you through the effortless journey.

With Auto Minutes, immerse yourself in discussions while our AI-backed system meticulously handles the documentation, ensuring your conversations are always captured accurately and promptly.

Use Cases

Meetings often lose their essence in the scramble of manual minute-taking. Every discussion, decision, and detail can be flawlessly documented without lifting a finger.

Auto Minutes leverages cutting-edge AI to transform the way professionals experience meetings.

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Team Discussions

  • From missing technical specifics to having detailed minutes capturing intricate points.
  • From post-meeting scramble to immediate, clear, and actionable tasks.
  • From distractions in live note-taking to fully engaging in the brainstorming process.
  • From fragmented communication to unified, clear, and structured minutes.
  • From delayed project iterations due to lost details to accelerated design processes with precise data.



  • From forgotten action items to systematically assigned and tracked tasks.
  • From delayed project timelines due to miscommunications to projects that run on time.
  • From unorganized ad-hoc meetings to structured, efficient, and result-oriented sessions.
  • From uncertainty about decisions made to clarity and consensus.
  • From juggling multiple meeting details to having a single, organized source of truth.


Senior Management

  • From strategic decisions getting lost in translation to firm, documented resolutions.
  • From spending hours on meeting follow-ups to instantaneous summaries.
  • From potential strategic misalignment to unified direction and clarity.
  • From missed opportunities due to lost details to harnessing every insight.
  • From disconnected teams to aligned, informed, and cohesive units.


Sales Professionals

  • From missed client preferences to detailed minutes capturing every sales nuance.
  • From varied interpretations of client feedback to unified, actionable insights.
  • From distractions during product pitches to total immersion with automated minute-taking.
  • From inconsistent sales strategies to clear, minute-documented approaches.
  • From strategic decisions getting lost in translation to firm, documented resolutions.

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Simple Pricing

Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Needs: Free or Paid Subscription Options


$0 /month

Up to 120 seconds per transcription

20 uses/month

Rewrite a transcription in a professional tone

Auto Minutes Pro

$29 /month

$349 $249 /year

Extended transcription length (up to 30 minutes)

Unlimited uses/month

Transform transcription into:

  • Rewritten professional text
  • Summarized text
  • A to-do list
  • A task ready to delegate

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