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Engineering Firm Profit Analysis

We’ve developed a firm profit analysis calculator so that firm leaders and their project managers/discipline leads can see how having the ability to access flexible engineering resources positively affects their bottom line.  For a more detailed explanation of the calculator and the purpose behind it, check out our blog post entitled How to Increase Engineering Firm Profit.  This post is highly recommended.

Before using the calculator, please note that it is best viewed on a desktop.

The calculator defaults are set up to increase the staff of a small engineering firm to handle an upcoming workload peaking at 10 full-time equivalents (FTE).  After a few months, the required resources wind down.


  1. As a starting point, we recommend noting the current operating profit percentages and $ amounts and viewing the default number of employed engineers for every month.  These numbers show an increase in employed engineers to handle an anticipated upcoming large workload. 

  2. Note the change in operating profit % and bottom-line operating profit as the staff is modified to handle the peaks with freelance engineers by adjusting available employees to the average required FTE shown by the calculator.  

  3. Adjust the required FTE sliders for each month to simulate other manpower curves and experiment with the other inputs.  You’ll likely find some great value with the use of flexible, highly-qualified freelance engineering resources. 

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Learn more about joining Shingle as a participating engineering firm.  Participating firms on the shingle platform can access our database of freelance engineers and start engaging with them for potential task-based work. 

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