Empowering the Future of AEC with a Freelance Architect, Engineer, and PM Network

Welcome to the frontier of AEC industry — a space where professionals across disciplines can connect and form innovative teams, leveraging cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the digital age.

A Vision for AEC.

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying connected, seizing opportunities, and keeping pace can be challenging. Our vision is to foster a freelance engineering network that enables industry professionals to collaborate, form new firms and partnerships, and discover new opportunities.

Our platform leverages AI tools and other advanced technology, helping you to excel in your freelance engineering jobs or freelance architecture jobs.

Our Innovative Products

Power Transcriber and AI Assistants

Our flagship products, the Power Transcriber and AI Assistants, are here to enhance your freelance journey. No matter the freelance engineering role, these tools streamline tasks and improve user experience. They're continuously evolving to meet your needs.

AEC Talent Profile and Skills Assessment

Track your skills, professional licensure, and project experience effortlessly. Whether you're a freelance civil engineer, freelance electrical engineer, or freelance CAD drafter, our platform lets you connect with potential collaborators and find the perfect business partners for your new venture.

The Network of the Future for AEC Professionals.

PM, Engineer, Architect, or CAD Specialist?

Build a new firm and have a freelance architect, engineers, and CAD specialists readily available.

Our professional network is crafted to help industry professionals connect, form firms, and discover new opportunities. It simplifies the process of finding and securing new team members and business partnerships, making it a go-to engineering freelance platform.

Why people are excited

"Before Power Transcriber, I used to spend hours typing up notes and creating to-do lists after meetings. Now, I simply dictate my thoughts, and Power Transcriber generates a concise and organized to-do list that I can review and act upon immediately. It's an invaluable tool for my "

Emily G., Freelance Structural Engineer

"Being a project manager in AEC, I've found Shingle's professional network to be an invaluable resource for connecting with other professionals and viewing their detailed skills. The platform's focus on technology and AI has made it stand out from a typical AEC company. I'm excited to see where Shingle goes next!"

Michael T., Project Manager

"As an engineer, I'm constantly juggling multiple projects and meetings. Power Transcriber has been a game-changer for me. It saves me hours of work each week, allowing me to focus on more important tasks. I can't recommend it enough!"

John D., Civil Engineer

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AEC Network Firm Partner

Structural Engineer - 12 yrs exp..

Civil CAD Specialist - 5 yrs exp.

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