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Shingle leverages technology to connect distributed engineering resources with engineering projects and tasks.

Shingle is a B2B platform where businesses can access experienced US-accredited engineers and designers in an on-demand capacity and beyond.

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Shingle Works

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Built specifically for the flexibility required by both engineers and Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms, Shingle is a platform that links experienced, US-accredited engineering resources with businesses requiring additional engineering labor due to short-term demands

If you are a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the United States or have passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, you can become a consultant on the Shingle platform.  Best of all, signup is free.  If you are an AE firm providing engineering services or a business that requires the skills of an experienced US-accredited engineer, you can become a PM/Firm user on Shingle.  When work arrives and you need some extra help, you create a task to give to an engineer on Shingle.  A contract is generated and the work is executed and delivered by the chosen resource.

CAD and BIM professionals:  We did not forget about you.  We'd love to have you join Shingle too.  We are still in the process of implementing this user type in the platform, but you are encouraged to sign up now.  There is no cost or risk right now, and Engineers and Firms are already asking about your services!

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Who is Shingle for?

Businesses such as:​

  • Engineering Firms with overflow work or that are looking for additional engineering talent

  • Architects who need specific engineering abilities for their projects

  • Renewable energy or other high-growth companies in need of engineering expertise but are not yet ready to hire.

Engineers and CAD Professionals who:

  • Want to safely step into entrepreneurship

  • Value flexibility 

  • Desire freedom and autonomy

  • Are searching for part-time engineering work to balance parenting responsibilities or other life priorities

  • Want to build a personal brand in AEC

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Why Choose Shingle?

Lower Operational Costs and Overhead

Worry less about the engineer shortage and increase profits instead.  For the typical engineering firm, the use of a conservative Shingle execution strategy will increase profit 10%.  Be more nimble than your competition and match experience to work before hiring.  Dramatically reduce employee risk with no long-term commitments. Create an account and we'll show you how.

Work from Anywhere

Enjoy more freedom and flexibility by working remotely from the location you choose.  Build your personal brand and safely step into entrepreneurship by building your engineering consultancy without the "all-or-nothing" risk.  Have the option to work part-time in engineering, achieve your ideal work/life balance, and potentially earn a reasonable living wherever you are located.

Designed by Professional Engineers for PEs

Shingle was developed based off of recurring challenges present in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.  After decades of engineering experience, our founders decided to confront the challenges they observed throughout their careers with a new, innovative company. 


Our founders are both registered Professional Engineers and have worked as design engineers in firms, as independent engineering consultants, and on the client side as owner's representatives.  They are passionate about technology and using it to improve the way AEC works and possess a relentless drive to meld the tech sector with the traditionally-conservative AEC sector.

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Engineering Refined

Consultants and engineering firms can find each other seamlessly through our innovative platform.  Are you a PM requiring resources NOW?  Are you a consultant struggling to find more clients?  Shingle is the place to find the perfect consultants to smooth out your manpower curve. Shingle is the interface to potentially provide value to multiple firms with your engineering talent and expertise. 

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Can I sign up even if I am employed?

Yes, absolutely.  We encourage all engineers to sign up to Shingle and create a free profile.  A personal brand in any profession is becoming increasingly important in today's working world.  If you feel like you would ever consider offering your engineering expertise on your own, Shingle is a great option to get started.  There is no risk to set up a profile and keep your engineering experience updated for reasons outside of your current employed engagement.   

How do you verify licensure?

Professional licensure or EI status are verified with the state engineering boards prior to account approval at Shingle.  During your account setup, you will be guided through a multi-step process to verify your identity and PE number/status with a state board where you hold licensure.  If everything is confirmed, you will be approved to continue with your account setup.

Why is this limited to US PE's?

Shingle is limited to United States Professional Engineers and Engineering Interns because credibility is important to us.  While we respect engineers from all of the world, we believe the many nuances of the local jurisdictions, code knowledge, and the State engineering boards requires licensed US engineers to perform the engineering work.  PE licenses also allow us to quickly check credibility by verification.

Can our Firm hire an engineer permanently if we work well together?

Yes, this is possible in accordance with our Terms of Service.  In fact, firms may find that using Shingle to try engineers out before offering permanent positions may reduce risk considerably.   

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Questions?  Just contact us.

Thanks for submitting!

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