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Key Features

Audio content is gold, but its limited format can be an obstacle. Missing out on wider audiences or enduring manual transcription isn't viable.

Enter the Audio to Text Converter, your single solution to these challenges.

Built-In Editor

AI Tools, Productivity, Time Savings

Conveniently edit and manage all your transcriptions in one place.

AI-Powered Transcription

AI Tools, Time Savings, Productivity

Cutting-edge technology ensures high accuracy in real-time.

Instant SRT Generation

AI Tools, Productivity, Time Savings

Elevate your videos with immediate caption files, perfect for social media.

Multiple File Format Support

AI Tools, Time Savings, Productivity

Whether it's MP3, MP4, FLAC, or nearly every other format, we've got you covered.


Easily generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports with just one click

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Upload Your File

Simply drag and drop your audio file onto our web interface.


Click and Convert

Press the 'transcribe' button and let our AI do its magic.


Download and Use

Get your text or SRT file instantly, ready for all your content needs.

How it works

You might be wondering how the Audio to Text Converter can elevate your content creation process.

Let us guide you through the intuitive journey.

With the Audio to Text Converter, simply drop in your audio files and let advanced AI technology handle the transcription. In moments, transform spoken words into clear, written text, streamlining your work and empowering your message.

Use Cases

Creating content often means grappling with cumbersome transcription tasks. Each interview, podcast, or lecture can be seamlessly transformed into precise text, all without a hitch.

The Audio to Text Converter employs state-of-the-art AI to revolutionize the way creators and professionals handle audio content.

See how other users are revolutionizing their content creation and transcription processes.



  • From narrated content to easily shareable written posts.
  • From inaccessible videos to inclusive ones with captions.
  • From voice-over snippets to blog-like content.
  • From relying on manual transcribers to instant conversion.
  • From limited content formats to diverse engagement platforms.


Content Creators

  • From audio-only podcasts to transcribed episodes.
  • From uncaptioned content to universally accessible media.
  • From raw interviews to polished articles.
  • From manual translation preparation to instant source text.
  • From juggling tools to a one-stop solution.


Media Companies

  • From long transcription wait times to rapid turnaround.
  • From missing out on real-time news to instant written reports.
  • From audio archives to searchable text databases.
  • From manual subtitling to automated SRT generation.
  • From budgeting for transcribers to cost-effective software solutions.


Educational Institutions

  • From lectures without notes to immediate class transcripts.
  • From inaccessible educational material to universally designed content.
  • From oral histories to documented archives.
  • From student audio assignments to text evaluations.
  • From language labs to transcription practice tools.



  • From interview tapes to article drafts.
  • From on-the-ground oral reports to instant press releases.
  • From logging audio notes to immediate text references.
  • From manually juggling sources to organized content.
  • From transcription costs to affordable reporting solutions.


Legal Professionals

  • From court hearings to immediate textual records.
  • From client meetings to consult notes.
  • From manually documenting evidence to instant transcriptions.
  • From voice memos to legal briefs.
  • From hiring stenographers to efficient in-house solutions.



  • From oral interviews to documented data.
  • From field notes to immediate reports.
  • From conference talks to publishable transcripts.
  • From manual coding to quick source material.
  • From lost vocal data to preserved research records.


Marketing Agencies

  • From client calls to meeting minutes.
  • From brainstorming sessions to actionable tasks.
  • From voice campaigns to textual content.
  • From manual content generation to quick turnarounds.
  • From audio pitches to written proposals.

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If you are looking for answers to even more questions about audio-to-text conversion, check out Shingle's article on the 10 most frequently asked questions about audio to text converters.

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