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Key Features

Are you tired of typing out your ideas and tasks, only to lose your train of thought in the process?

Imagine having all these powerful features at your fingertips, saving you time and effort while enhancing your workflow?

To-do List

AI Tools, Productivity, Time Savings

Dictate your end-of-day status and receive a to-do list directly to your email, ready to review in the morning.


AI Tools, Productivity, Writing

Capture your thoughts and let Power Transcriber rewrite them in a professional and logical manner. Perfect for quickly documenting thoughts after meetings.


AI Tools, Productivity, Time Savings

Turn lengthy audio files into concise sentences, making it easy for engineers to communicate their ideas effectively.

Delegate a Task

AI Tools, Productivity, Team Integration, Collaboration

Explain a task through audio and transcription, with a detailed description, duration, and deadline, sent to the specified email address.


Easily generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports with just one click

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Record your audio

use your preferred device - phone, desktop, laptop, tablet


Choose your desired output

rewrite it, summarize it, create a to-do list, or delegate a task


Receive your output in seconds

simply copy/paste the output or send to your email

How it works

You might be wondering how Power Transcriber can make your work-life easier.

Let us guide you through the seamless process.

With Power Transcriber, you can focus on expressing your ideas while the AI tool takes care of documentation and task management for you, making your work more efficient and stress-free.

Use Cases

Surely you could see yourself using Power Transcriber's rewrite mode to effortlessly transform your spoken thoughts into well-structured and professional text, ready to be pasted into an email or document.

But what are some additional ways you could use Power Transcriber in your daily work? See how other users are incorporating it to significantly improve their productivity and efficiency.



  • Transcribe and summarize design meetings
  • Document site visits and inspection observations
  • Document and delegate CAD-related tasks
  • Capture review comments quickly in QA/QC
  • Create work status at the end of the day for an efficient start of the next working day



  • Streamline stakeholder communication and engagement
  • Transcribe project kickoff meeting discussions
  • Record project lessons learned quickly
  • Capture client phone call summaries quickly
  • Document project status updates and milestones


Senior Management

  • Quickly capture client meeting notes and action items
  • Quickly document thoughts after client calls
  • Record and transcribe brainstorming sessions
  • Dictate and transcribe performance review notes
  • Document strategic planning discussions

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Effortless Documentation and Task Management at Your Fingertips.

Record Your Audio Using your Preferred Device

Choose the desired output: rewrite, summarize, to-do list, or delegate task.

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Ready to experience help from Power Transcriber?

Simple Pricing

Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Needs: Free or Paid Subscription Options


$0 /month

Up to 120 seconds per transcription

20 uses/month

Rewrite a transcription in a professional tone

Shingle Basic

$9 /month

Extended transcription length (up to 30 minutes)

Unlimited uses/month

Transform transcription into:

  • Rewritten professional text
  • Summarized text
  • A to-do list
  • A task ready to delegate

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